What would your perfect kitchen be like? What place would it have in your home? How would you use it? Having a clear answer to these answers is crucial when it comes to approaching the project of a bulthaup kitchen, because far from envisaging kitchens as a decorative element within a home, we view them as an integrated and vital space. Functional to cook in, but also an experience to enjoy.

And while every bulthaup kitchen is designed as a vital space, at bulthaup nicolau we wanted to create a living space. Thus, the more than 250-metres of the emblematic building that we are located in (and that is our hallmark of identity), are also a hotbed of projects, a meeting place where we share experiences and concerns relating to architecture and everything that this encompasses.

After a long trajectory and a strong background of more than 25-years of experience in the kitchen sector, Gabriel Nicolau choose bulthaup. At the new showroom located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, on La Rambla number 15, you will find an extensive display of bulthaup kitchens and a team that is ready to assist you with the most personalised treatment.

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