VALUES... that define us
Open, lively, versatile. Functional, accessible and timeless. The kitchens and designs of the bulthaup nicolau brand have always been identified with and have implicitly embodied these values. And so too has the identity of bulthaup nicolau, as a distribution company for the brand in Palma. These are values that we represent and that represent us. And that identity us in every new phase.

However, in addition to values, we are also defined by concerns and an interest in topics such as architecture, design and gastronomy, which lead us to approach people who represent those sectors in order to learn from their charisma, appreciate their talent and discover the emotions that drive them when it comes to creating.

Our idea is to create synergies to learn from, in order to share them with our audience and nurture our brand and identity.

Because, just as our projects do not envisage designing a kitchen as the isolated addition of furniture, but rather as furniture integrated into a diverse, versatile and living space, nor does our company identity envisage its work as simply selling. We have a lot more to contribute...

Team. PEOPLE... that make us grow

We believe in people. That is why we design kitchens to be experienced, always bearing in mind the people that will inhabit the space. For that same reason, we have created a team around us that is empathetic, capable of connecting with the needs of each client, obtaining their trust and adding warmth to designs (quality is a given).

Only a motivated and coordinated team is an effective team. At bulthaup nicolau we have that team and we work every day to improve it. To really look after it. We share merits, we reward results, we celebrate... And that complicity attained within is projected outwards in every project. That is the great contribution of the company and what will always distinguish us from similar companies.

Ultimately it is people (whether clients, the team, or references) that lead us to grow and evolve.

Services to fulfil

Each project that we design for bulthaup kitchens is a new challenge. A customised challenge that we always achieve thanks to a process and working method that requires communication, experience and coordination.

Each project responds to the constant quest to find balance. To integrate the functional space with the lifestyle, tastes and needs of each customer.

Every step is important in a process that functions simply and through which we guarantee design, quality and functionality. To achieve that, we approach it in a comprehensive manner: from product selection, to the preparation, design and development of the project, the coordination and assembly. Each step forms part of a whole that will satisfy expectations, even after it is completed: our after-sale service guarantees the quality and maintenance of a kitchen that will always be unique and exclusive.